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UHPA – Association of Croatian Travel Agencies was founded in 1992 and for 20 years actively represents professional interests of its members. Today it is the leading professional association in tourism in Croatia according to its organisation, continuity and scope of work. With 246 active members offering travel agencies’ and tour operator's services, UHPA also gathers 114 associated members from hospitality industry, transport, professional education and other institutions related to tourism. In total, the UHPA sign, as a sign of trust and quality, appears on 498 offices of our members.

UHPA also represents interests of its members on the international level as a active member of the ECTAA and associated member of the UNWTO. Despite the fact that Croatia is formally not an EU member yet, we have been given an honour of a two-year presidency of ECTAA, which we are very proud of. UHPA representatives are also very active in three working groups of >ECTAA, and in the European Commission where we have a representative in the ECSO referent group – Hospitality and Tourism.

Aware of the fact that professional and qualified staff is the basis of business quality of each travel agency and tour operator, UHPA works strongly in this area as well. As an employers' association it negotiates with the Croatian Tourism and Service Trade Union about the working conditions in travel agencies, and through its representatives in the Agency for Vocational Education and Training it negotiates about development and improvement of vocational education in the field of tourism.

Equal importance is given to support of members in marketing activities, including their inbound activities. Apart from organisation of study tours, both for foreign agencies in Croatia as well as for domestic agencies abroad, UHPA actively encourages and coordinates its member's performances on numerous workshops and fairs worldwide. UHPA's mission is to direct the members towards business in accordance with sustainable tourism, which increases their competitiveness and contributes to responsible development of Croatian tourism. UHPA's office, with two permanent employees, four temporary employees and with a high number of external associates, works on the fulfilment of that mission devotedly. We believe that all our activities measurably influence the quality of service offering, and consequently the business success of our members. We therefore invite you to choose with trust one of our regular or associated members as your business partners in Croatia.


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