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The Research Institute for Tourism is a non-profit organization founded in July 1996. It was an initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and of other tourism agents, with main objective to study the tourism sector in Greece and other competitive countries. More specifically it aims to:
• Carry out scientific studies referring to the problems of the Greek tourist economy and the Greek economy, in general, and to formulate suggestions and solutions that could help the development of the Greek tourist sector and the Greek economy.
• Follow the national and international economic developments and examine the possible effects they would have on the tourist sector.
• Carry our studies on structural problems (institutional, technical, economic problems etc.).
• Carry out feasibility studies for tourism-involved enterprises.
• Advise state agencies on matters concerning the tourism sector.
• Organize International Tourism Conventions.
• Assist the task of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.

The Research Institute for Tourism accomplishes its objects by any legal means it possesses. Particularly by:
• mploying full-time and part-time personnel.
• Co-operating with other Greek and foreign institutions.
• Organizing specialized library and information data.
• Publishing special studies as well as an annual tourism review.

• Research.
- The Research Institute for Tourism has published more than 30 studies on different tourism-related subjects. It has conducted several field researches regarding current tourism issues the results of which have been publicized.

• Consultancy.
The Research Institute for Tourism offers consultant services to the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, to the Athens Hotel Association, to the Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers and to other tourism-related institutions.

• Conferences.
The Research Institute for Tourism organizes international conferences on Tourism, aiming to bring together scholars, practitioners and students to identify areas of common research issues as well as methodological and analytical approaches.

Finally, R.I.T. is an organization constantly striving to enhance its expertise and understanding of the growing needs relating to domestic and international tourist issues, and to fulfill to an ever-greater extend its responsibility to ensure specialized services of an extremely high standard.
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