Federazione Italiana Associazione Imprese Viaggi e Turismo
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FIAVET, Federazione Italiana delle Associazioni Imprese Viaggi e Turismo, built in 1961, is a National professional organization, to which territorial associations and association of touristic companies.
FIAVET, with more than 6.000 companies, including direct and indirect members, is the main representing body in Italy.
To FIAVET belongs also AINeT (Associazione Italiana Network Turistici, Italian Association of Touristic Network), which includes 18 among the main Italian Network of Touristic Companies.
There are more than 50.000 employees working in the field of tour agencies, with a turnover of about 14 billion€.

Effective members
The Federation is an vertical organization formed by the Territorial Associations, regional or interregional structure, which have the status and condition of membership. In addition to the Territorial Associations, the Associations of tourism Companies belongs to the Federation.

Aggregates Members
Aggregated members are:
a) businesses (associated with each other) that will make a similar or complementary activities to those of the travel and tourism businesses;
b) the central offices of representation of companies, including foreign ones, air transport, maritime and rail transport;
c) the promotion of tourism offices and representatives of foreign nations recognized in Italy.

Representation in the institutions
FIAVET exercises legal representation and as a trade association in all areas of the general interests of the Business Sector. It in fact it represents the interests of its Members in respect of the Government, Parliament and Public Administration.

CCNL Tourism
The Federation, together with other business organizations in its field, signs, with the trade unions, the National Collective Labour Tourism.

Research & Development
In order to promote the professional growth and innovation of its member companies, FIAVET is promoting economic associations, studies and research, and image information.

FIAVET in international organizations
FIAVET is a founding member of UFTAA (The United Federation of Travel Agents Association), of ECTAA (The European Travel Agent’s and Tours Operator’s Associations), who are the agency in international and European level. UFTAA and ECTAA, in addition to being instances of category, allow a comparison between the professional experiences of various countries of the world, in a context of globalization of the international economy, the growing strategic importance.

Confcommercio and Confturismo
FIAVET adheres to the Italian General Confederation of Commerce, Tourism and Services (as represented in the National Council), and in this context is a founding member of CONFTURISMO- the unitary expression of national organizations representing companies operating in the tourism sector-which expresses the Vice-Presidency.

Bilateral Unitary National Authority of Tourism
The FIAVET is a founding member of the National Bilateral Organization along with national trade unions of employers and workers are most representative of the Tourism sector

FIAVET Services LTD is the company that supports and assists FIAVET organizing and managing advertising and promotional activities related to commercial activities, tourism and services, through exhibitions, expositions, conventions, conferences, both nationally and at international level.
FIAVET Services plays a significant marketing activities, for which he is constantly looking for commercial partners, with whom sign exclusive agreements and facilitated to the benefit of Members FIAVET.

Activities and Services to Members
The Federation reserves the Associates legal services, labor and tax.
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