Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel Agents
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Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel Agents, ABTTA is а non-profit corporation and consolidates tourist agencies for sake of aviation and tourist services.

The Association has been established in 1996 as Association of IATA Accredited Agencies in Bulgaria, SIAB and in September 2006 has been renamed into Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel Agents, ABTTA.

As of now more than 100 Bulgarian elite tourist agencies are members of ABTTA. The Association members form more than 75% of the common market share of air transport sales with common annual turnover around EURO 100 millions. In fact, they form the greatest part of the Bulgarian outgoing tourism and charter programs and considerable share of incoming and domestic tourism activities in Bulgaria. The underlying goal of ABTTA is to protect the economic, legal and commercial interests of its members in front of air companies, governmental organs and other institutions in Bulgaria and to contribute to the settlement of problems of common significance in the field of aviation and tourism business as whole.

ABTTA is dedicated to establishment of a high professional and active network of members within the territory of the country, built on the principles of loyal competition, striving for excellence of the products offered and providing substantially different standard of servicing. ABTTA steer active organizational life, keep in close contact with its members, organize forums of present interest, hold regular bi-annual meetings to discuss topical questions, plan for current actions and form long-term policy.

Since 2004 ABTTA is a member of the Group of European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operator’ Association, ECTAA. As sole representative of Bulgaria in ECTAA, ABTTA presents balanced interests of the whole Bulgarian tourist sector in front of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the other EU institutions. Since May 2010 Bulgaria undertook two-years presidency of this most respectful professional tourism organization in Europe and thus ABTTA becomes an equal partner in all discussions regarding the tourism development strategy and in the current problems settlement.

Higher managerial authority of ABTTA is General Assembly of its members which determines Association’ strategy and usually takes place once per year. Among its main powers are the appointment of the Board of Directors who conduct the Association policies and is the body empowered to take any decision of administrative nature. The Board of Directors is governed by President and its activities are supported by permanent working committees - Air Matters Committee, Tourism Committee, Members Committee, Public Relation Committee, International Cooperation Committee & Fiscal Committee, and temporary working groups dealing with ad hoc issues.
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