Synergy for Sustainability in Tourism

The creators of EOS CODE and ECEAT, the entity responsible for TRAVELIFE, the well established and already widespread in many European countries initiative for sustainability in tourism, have decided the close collaboration of the two Programmes in the Future.
The common principles that the two Projects share and their complementary nature are favorable to this synergy.

EOS CODE can be considered as an initial step in sustainability. It is friendly and easy to implement, so it will be used as the first step for the subsequent implementation of the more formal TRAVELIFE. The tour operators and travel agencies that will implement EOS CODE will benefit of an easy access to TRAVELIFE, through their respective Associations, which will again be responsible for approving (or not) their application.


The first 100 members (tour operators and travel agents) of each Association participating in EOS CODE, which will choose to join TRAVELIFE -after having subscribed to EOS CODE- until the end of 2013, will be able to do so AT NO COST!



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The Project "EOS CODE" is part of the EU's Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), which aims to encourage the competitiveness of European enterprises.
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