EOS Code - Launching Conference

Code of Practice on Environment Oriented Sustainability
January 23, 2012: Launching Conference
Conference's Programme

Presentations & Speeches

George Telonis, ΗΑΤΤΑ President
Welcome address

Irena Gueorguieva, ECTAA President
Welcome address

Marios Kammenos, HATTA Secretary General
Speech"EOS CODE" - A Code of Practice for sustainable tourism, quality and competitiveness

Pavlos Yeroulanos Minister of Culture & Tourism
Tourism: A tool towards sustainable development

Iuliana Gabriela Aluas, Policy Officer Ε.C.
EU Tourism policy - Main European Commission Initiatives in 2012

Paolina Marone, Industry Affairs Manager ECTAA
Tendencies & Needs of the Tourism Market

Naut Kusters, Director of ECEAT
The European TRAVELIFE initiative and its synergy with EOS CODE

EOS CODE Partners
The practical experience from working on the EOS CODE and the intentions for its implementation by the Partners' members

Maya Philipova, ABTTA Secretary General
ABTTA's Presentation

Mihail Mihov, Organiser of ABTTA's Green Days Festival
ΑBTTA's Green Days Festival Presentation

Monia Niero
FIAVET's Presentation

Angeliki Rossolatou
HATTA's Presentation

Sofia Panousi
ITEP's Presentation

Bozena Szawlowska
PIT's Presentation

Zeljko Trezner
UHPA's Presentation

Antonio Scipioni
UniPD's Presentation


George Telonis, President of HATTA

Irena Gueorguieva, President of ECTAA

Marios Kammenos, Secretary of HATTA

Pavlos Yeroulanos, Minister of  Tourism

Iuliana Gabriela Aluas, EC-Policy Officer

Naut Kusters, Director of ECEAT


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The Project "EOS CODE" is part of the EU's Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), which aims to encourage the competitiveness of European enterprises.
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